Valdresflye Café
– good food at the top of Valdresflye

A dining spot with a view of some of the highest peaks in Jotunheimen. Welcome to a meal in the heights!

Valdresflye is a highlight for many road travelers. The national tourist route that connects Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen is surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks and a beautiful cultural landscape. 

The highest point along the road is a natural stopping point on the journey across the plateau. Here, you can also visit Valdresflye Café and enjoy both a delicious meal and a fantastic view.

At our dining spot, you’ll be served good, road-trip food with elements of local ingredients on the menu. From simple dishes like grilled sourdough toast from Valdres to a local food plate with locally sourced cheeses and cured meats, and elk burgers from Gudbrandsdalen. Freshly baked waffles and fresh, homemade pastries are also always on the menu. 

Valdresflye Café is an excellent starting point for both hiking and skiing adventures. Feel free to stop by before your trip to grab a Bitihorn picnic.

Opening hours:
10:00 – 19:00 in high season
Low season: depending on the weather, if there is a sign outside – we are there.