Café Gjendeosen
– mountain food for mountain enthusiasts

The café at Gjendeosen offers authentic mountain food for real mountain enthusiasts.

Café Gjendeosen is a natural pit stop for all mountain wanderers looking for both energy for the hike and a taste sensation before or after their mountain adventure. We offer both cold and hot meals, both local dishes and dishes with ingredients from other parts of Norway. The meny is family friendly.

When we say we provide real mountain food for genuine mountain people, it doesn’t mean you can only indulge in trout from the nearby lake and meatballs. Here, you can enjoy everything from locally sourced elk burgers from Gudbrandsdalen to pan-fried halibut from the coast of Norway. Of course, we take extra pride in serving trout from Gjende and, not least, hot-smoked reindeer meat with a unique flavor influenced by the rich mountain pasture right outside our door – delivered by Rein Fra Jotunheimen. 

At our place, you get pure flavors from Jotunheimen – in the heart of Jotunheimen.

The menu features several local dishes and may change based on seasonal ingredients. Freshly baked waffles, homemade cinnamon buns and fresh bread from Valdres Bakeri are always on the menu. You can also purchase our own Besseggen lunch pack, a fresh pack with assorted toppings, local food and fruit. A perfect hiking companion with delightful flavors. Our dining spot opens an hour before the first boat departure on Gjende, and doesn’t close until an hour after the last boat has returned. 

Opening hours:
06:45 – 21:00 in high season.
08:30 – 18:15 in low season.
We always open as hour before the first boat and close an hour after the last boat has returned to the pier at Gjendeosen. Feel free to check the Gjendebåtene schedule for exact opening hours.